About Us


7 years ago 3 experienced producers became CAM.

We bring 35+ years of production experience, image-creation strategy and a deep knowledge of how to craft a seamless and successful shoot.

About us : 

We've led stills and video productions in 30 countries (and counting!) across 6 continents and have a working knowledge of the unique cultures we shoot in.  We speak English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Polish and German. We surf, build furniture and fight for causes we believe in. You can trust us to be honest, practical, creative and a hell of a lot of fun. 


Brand Imagery Strategy (How to get what you need)  
Art Buying and Cost Assessment (How much is this going to cost anyway?!)
Shot List Creation (What’s culturally relevant? Who is your target market?)
Logistics (Locations, Casting, Crew, Permits, Schedules, Insurance)
On-Set Production (Manage crew, OnSet Art Direction when needed)
Post-Production (Editing, Image review and posting) 

Production Locations:

Argentina Austria Australia Brazil Canada China Costa Rica Denmark Dominican Republic Egypt France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland India Italy Jamaica Japan Kenya Mexico Philippines Russia Singapore Spain Thailand Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom USA

Some of our clients:

Abbott, American Express, Bank of America, Chantelle, Chartis, Comcast, Daman, Gore, Hilton, IBM, Intel, Marriott, Martini, Manpower, Merck, Nestea, Schindler, BBDO UK, Juice Pharma, Marlin, Publicis, Siegel & Gale, VSA, Wolff Olins, Martin Dyrlov, Francisco Guerrero, We Are the Rhoads, Charles Schuck, Wolfgang Zac, Kevin Yang and more.